Skylight Repairs & Replacements

Skylights can add a unique ambiance to any residential or commercial space. The ability to enjoy natural light throughout the day has a long list of benefits – making them very popular with both property managers and architects alike.

However, along with the enjoyment of the skylights comes the expertise required to successfully install and repair these windows –with a unique set of challenges along the way. As skylights are naturally more prone to leaks than vertically based windows - proper installation, maintenance and repairs are vitally important.

Atlas Glass has been providing professional skylight repair and maintenance services in Calgary since 2008. We have earned a solid reputation with some of the best known names in the property management field throughout the city and we pride ourselves on quality work, reliability and overall professionalism that goes well beyond our client’s expectations.

We take a long term approach to maintenance – ensuring properly sealed units throughout the building and minimizing risks associated with leaking windows. Property managers throughout Calgary have come to trust Atlas Glass as their one stop provider for professional building envelope maintenance and service.

For more information about how we can help make your life easier, please contact us directly at 403.807.2325 and we’ll look forward to speaking with you soon .