Commercial SERVICES

Commercial High-Rise Maintenance & Glass Repairs

Glazing and window maintenance for commercial high-rise buildings can often be quite complex and require the assistance of an extremely experienced company. For nearly 10 years, Atlas Glass has been providing professional, experienced advice and implementation for property managers throughout the Calgary area. With an extensive background in building envelope maintenance, repairs and glass installation, Atlas Glass can ensure your commercial buildings are maintained effectively, efficiently, and equally important – safely.

While there are several companies in the Calgary area who can sufficiently handle smaller buildings and projects, there are very few companies who can effectively manage large scale buildings and become a reliable, trusted source for professional property managers. At Atlas Glass we understand that our business is built completely on reputation – so we don’t take anything for granted.

Each project is handled carefully down to the finest details and we guarantee 100% of our work. If our clients aren’t satisfied – we aren’t either. We have invested nearly 10 years of specializing in the high-rise market and building relationships with key property managers throughout the city. We treat every project as a priority and offer 24/7 service to ensure all of our clients are adequately cared for.

Our Commercial Services include:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service – 7 days per week
  • Building envelope maintenance programs
  • Regularly scheduled client and building reviews
  • Complete building envelope assessments and reporting
  • Glazing repairs & replacements
  • Skylight repairs and replacements
  • Leak investigations, repairs and prevention
  • Caulking and reseals
  • Hardware maintenance for windows and doors
  • Boarding up services
  • Swingstages and access platforms
  • Manlifts
  • Consulting
  • Straightforward advice
  • And more

For more information or to arrange an initial, no obligation consultation with Atlas Glass please contact us at 403.807.2325 and we’ll forward to speaking with you.